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Happy Monday. Nope, I didn’t want to get dressed today either. Committing the Wear-Pajamas-in-Public-Crime never seems quite so awful come Monday morning.

Inevitably though, my “I don’t want to take off my robe” mood always seems to clash with my “but why can’t I look like Doris Day everyday” mood:

Thus, my Monday-morning-lifesaver solution has become: Wrap dresses!


All of these beauties came from shopestyle.com.  These options are a bit pricey, but I have found delightful options from New York designers “Emma and Michelle” at Ross and Marshalls for no more than $20.00!

The wrap dress is pretty much the MacGyver of fashion. A go-anywhere-travel-excellently-go-on-like-a-robe-yet-still-look-classy-dress… And trust me, the wrap dress can rise to almost any occasion. I have two such dresses gracing my closet, ready to save me from the moody Mondays, but these classic creations have also carried me through a Bachelorette wine-tasting all-day event, (where I drove for three hours and emerged with nary a wrinkle in sight!) a trip to a museum, multiple days at the office, a casual Sunday morning, and an evening graduation party to name a few.

Wear pajamas in public? It sure feels like it, but it looks divine.