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If you read yesterday’s post, then you will appreciate the irony in this statement: I’m sick today. Yes. Sick as in an entourage of Kleenex wherever I go, endless cups of my new drug: Twining’s Chai Pumpkin-Spice tea, and unfortunate, hideous, watery eyes that no eyeliner is able to stand up against. So I face my Wednesday with naked eyes, mounds of tissue, and a rapidly depleting supply of teacups. But, even though I do not feel lovely, musing about lovely things and lovely people makes me feel ever so much better. So, today, I offer to you to muse upon, a woman’s style to truly be wistful about:

Grace Kelly. Pure, unadulterated femininity. Sure, she was gorgeous, and an actress…ok, and the Princess of Monaco, but she wasn’t always so out of reach to be an everyday girl’s style muse. Beyond her achievements and titles, her classic, simple style made her a fashion icon of the 1950s.


Even casual, the woman somehow exudes the perfect combination of power and elegance. You don’t have to have power, wealth, or a face to make a whole generation fall in love with you to look classy though. These finds from H&M are inexpensive and comfy yet will still see you dancing out the door looking dashing.

-$12.95 H&M    -$34.95 H&M

$34.95 H&M

If you still can’t move beyond the turtleneck = Betty White Golden Girl notion, blazers are another option that always instantly gives me a feeling of power and elegance.
-49.95 H&M

  Even as snuffly as I am today, this beauty might actually get me motoring about quite nicely. Ok, no, not even a blazer will work today:


Hope this gives you something nice to muse about if you too are feeling not so hot, and brings you some beauty.  Happy Wednesday and stay tuned tomorrow, I hope to bring some light to the presently mysterious “Linen Closet” page on VMMV with a little tease of what’s to come. ‘Till then, a little teacup cheers!

❤ A.