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Thursday. How did that happen already? Yesterday I was trying very hard to write. Please notice that I said trying, because, mostly what I was doing was staring at a blinking cursor. Why? Perhaps because I had let my head get too full of a million random things: take pants to the tailor (I love those pants), buy streamers, oh, and buy more tea (I drank it all again!? should probably stop drinking so much tea), give the picture frames another coat of paint, check if Pumpkin Trees really exist…

…as an aside…they do! Have you heard of them or seen these strange wonders?

I saw them at Whole Foods this past weekend and stood with my mouth wide open, staring like a dummy and poking at them in an attempt to convince myself they were real. And I wasn’t the only one gawking. If I were the Whole Foods management I would set up an observatory to watch as people grouped in little confused clumps around the display. Surprise of the season, I guess they are real. After a little Google-research, pumpkinnook.com told me these magical things, often called “Pumpkin on a Stick,” “Pumpkin Tree,” or “Pumpkin Bush,” are really ornamental eggplants! I want bouquets and bouquets of them. I think they are absolutely irresistible. Forgive me for going on about them if you are thinking, “yes, these little guys have been around for years…have you?” but I really was enchanted and wanted to share in case they’ve slipped your attention as well.

And, speaking of little guys, the main reason for my distracted attention and consequent blank page was this little guy:

Nokona. The cutest annoyance I’ve ever seen. For some reason, the moment I was settled to write, he was settled on committing every cat-crime known to man. Knock over my tea-mug, step on random keys of my keyboard: “777777777jjjjjjdmalsdoivna;dskfpa;” (well, at least the page isn’t blank now); overturn my laundry, sleep in my laundry, scrape at the screened window, get caught in the screened window, had to be saved from the screened window; became suddenly voraciously hungry, decided to chew on a plastic bag; overturned the garbage, decided my sock drawer should be full of him instead of full of socks, took out all the socks; brought a toy mouse to play with, I got up to play, he got in my chair, he fell asleep.

Exasperation! I asked him why he couldn’t be more like his sister, who was, this entire time, the picture of peace:

This query though was, in fact, a huge mistake because it woke him up…

…and, he went right back to being absolutely, impossibly, adorable.

Tomorrow, a little home-design project: murals anyone (seriously) can do that are as cheap as a bucket of paint, and only need a bit of your own time and patience. If you’re a fan of wallpaper but don’t want that slug slime all over, this will definitely do the trick.

Hang in there everyone, Friday is a-comin’!

– ❤ A.