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Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Skype, Gmail chat, Email, Flickr, Instagram…there pretty much are endless ways to keep in touch with the people you love that may have wandered far from where you are. Its brilliant. Photo-sharing, real-time video chatting, instant messaging. Its as if they’re not far away at all…only, they are. I love social media, its a great way to feel closer to people you normally wouldn’t be able to see often. Only, sometimes a quick Facebook message or an Instagram @shoutouttosomeperson isn’t quite enough. Have you felt it? its a sense of inadequacy, of meaning well but ending up not enough. Like giving plastic flowers to your Mum on Mother’s Day. You wouldn’t, would you? The thought is there but the love is missing. At least it seems to me like that.

Remember this though?

Its a POST OFFICE! You probably forgot about those. I do sometimes. Stamps, and letters (and yes, waiting a few days), and squeaky mail boxes. I get quite the thrill when I see a personal letter peeping out at me. It really is like spotting a friendly face in a crowd of strangers. Its unexpected and in the instant I discover who its from, I instantly feel so much love from them. Someone, somewhere, thought about you, sat down, wrote to you, and then took the time to mail you some love. They didn’t log on, search your name, and say “thinking of you.”

I can’t really think of a simpler, cheaper way to tell someone “I love you bunches and bunches” then writing them a letter.

Sometimes though, even a letter falls a little short. Birthdays and special occasions don’t stop coming around even if your loved one can’t.

When this little lady had a birthday without me, I had to take extreme measures. Facebook wouldn’t cut it. And a letter wasn’t quite enough.

 My only option was to send a party in a box:

A banner made of paper-hearts, with a different memory we shared written on each one or a quote I knew would bring a laugh, and a little gift to open on each day of the week to make a birthday-away feel not nearly so lonely. A birthday box– simple to do, and the most fun I’ve ever had creating a birthday gift.

If your dear ones are scattered far and wide, don’t forget the mailbox at your own front door is a pretty fantastic way to share, and, who knows, someone may return a little love to the sender. Happy posting!

The Linen Closet

A little update for everyone: I was quite the busy-bee yesterday, if you want to see what I was up to, go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageMuses. There’s a new listing up with some seasonal colors to celebrate the fall weather that has (finally!) arrived. As soon as a cloud appears, that’s excuse enough for me to start baking. Here’s a bit of a preview of the newest apron in case you need a little something to give you an excuse:

– ❤ A.