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I love routine, I have to have it. When I’m thrown off of it I get the feeling you get when you leave for a big trip and know you have forgotten at least three essential items.

Mornings especially, if my usual get-ready-line-up is thwarted I feel quite undone for the rest of the day: makeup first, then hair (because then the hair looks better), outfit, jewelry… then, finally, with usually two minutes to spare and whatever is visible, I grab my shoes. I began to think though, more than anything else, my shoes are often what inspires my mood for the day.

Boots: definitely powerful. Perhaps because they can tackle any-weather, I feel as if I can tackle anything. Dressed up, dressed down, and always able to add interest to the boring sweater+jeans fall uniform, it is beginning to become the season where they are my best friends.

Weekend shoes: instantly relaxed and motivated. Weekday, evening errands feel so much more fun with weekend shoes on. Perhaps because they are work-inappropriate, these guys exude a feeling of rebelliousness when worn mid-week. Try it.

Rounded-toe flats: When worn with a skirt or dress, for some reason I can’t get beyond feeling about this old:

Cute? Yes…but attractive? Productive? Competent…capable? Definitely a no.

Obviously the quickest way to get rid of this youthful incompetency is put on a heel, but sometimes, somedays, some situations, heels just really cannot work. Especially since I am already (truly) tall enough, heels are more often than not, not an option. My favorite substitute then is the pointy-toe flat:

You wouldn’t really think that adding a small triangle at the end of your toe could do so much, but it really is astonishing how it can change your whole mood. If you’ve never tried it, I’m not surprised, for some reason these little guys are ridiculously difficult to find. And I really can’t understand why…

…They make an otherwise not cute, un-feminine, unsavory little body part really very chic.

 In the fifties and sixties, these pointy-wonders could be seen everywhere. Surprise, surprise though, for some reason, modern fashion has determined the female foot would rather resemble an elephant hoove rather than a slim little ending to the leg. Because of this, I haven’t really found a go-to store for them. Gap had a few at one time on their online store but (surprise!) they quickly sold out. DSW.com’s Mia Limited Edition Audrey Flat is a fairly reasonable price and comes in a few different fun colors. Usually though, when I discover one of these rare gems it is through an obscure store. Collecting more of them is my new goal though; they can be worn with anything, anywhere, and feel elegant but not over-dressed, capable without being overbearing, and demure without being forgettable.

I might perhaps move “pick shoes” up a little further in my get-ready-line-up. I’ve discovered they might deserve a little more thought. If your hair is abysmal, your outfit not working right, your mood in a grump, be sure your shoes make you feel the way you want to that day.

For me though, no shoe can trump the feeling this one gives:

Slippers: “Don’t you stay at home of evenings? Don’t you love a cushioned seat in a corner by the fireside with your slippers on your feet?” (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Happy new week everyone, hope you chose wisely this morning when dressing your feet!

– ❤ A.