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Happy Halloween everyone!

Its supposed to be 82 degrees today–thanks California. Guess who is completely bummed though? Me. Yes, I hate it. But I’m thinking wishfully so I thought I would share with you a few fun ways to tie a scarf, so, if fall ever decides to stick around, you’ll be ready.

I love this little book. It’s a pamphlet from Nordstrom’s from the 80s and, excepting the unfortunate bowl hair-cuts on many of the models, it’s a really great step-by-step guide to tying all sorts of different scarves (oblong, square, bias) into all sorts of different ways. In honor of my series this week of showing how the addition of a few accessories can add some simple femininity to your everyday look, I thought I would share two of my favorite ways to tie a scarf.

The scarves I’m talking about aren’t the keep-me-warm-ones necessarily. Instead, these are more of the thinner fabrics that can be worn indoors–even after you take your coat off–and can add some elegance to a shirt and jeans, a plain sweater- dress, or with a collared button-down to keep it feeling girly.

These are some of my favorites:

how to tie a scarf

They really aren’t even scarves at all, but are actually about a half of a yard of fabric I bought for a few dollars each. Once tied, they look super-chic and not anything like a square piece of fabric cut off the bolt: cheap and the possibilities are almost endless.

Tie number one:

(I warned you about the hair didn’t I?) If you can’t tell what to do from the image, here’s a little more help:

1.) Drape an oblong scarf around your neck and about half-way up pinch one side of the scarf to the other side with your thumb and forefinger:

how-to-tie-a-scarf2.) Using a ring, push the pinched part of the scarf through the hole of the ring:


3.) Keep pulling the scarf through the hole until you get it to the length you want:


Tie number two

how-to-tie-a-scarfThis one looks a bit more complicated but it’s really not. It’s easiest to do with thinner fabrics otherwise the pleats get a little too fluffy and it looks like a mess. I used Alice to help me out on this one: 

1.) Drape an oblong scarf around your neck and tie a loose knot in one side about two inches from the bottom:

2.) Fold the other side into accordion pleats until it’s even with the knotted side…

how-to-tie-a-scarf …and hold onto the inside half of the pleats and let the other side fan out:


3.) Push the pinched side of the pleats through the loose knot and then tighten the knot:


4.) Arrange the pleats until they drape nicely:

Easy, yes? Everytime I’ve worn these two knots, I always get people asking me how I tied them.


It looks complicated but is actually very easy and, don’t take it from me, even Nordstrom says, it adds “a sensational touch of class.”

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween. Maybe tie a scarf around your neck to get into the mood if the weather has got you feeling more like June than October. I haven’t actually carved my pumpkin yet but I have big plans! Maybe I’ll share tomorrow if it looks as good in real life as it does in my head.

– ❤ A.