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Plain Jane: “I do not know what is the matter with me today, but I cannot write quietly; I am always wandering away into some exclamation or other. Fortunately I have nothing very particular to say.”

-Jane Austen’s letter to sister Cassandra

I have dear friends who are in grad school. I know they often feel as Jane did and as I do today. The often bemoaned affliction “senioritis” and Fridays feel strangely similar: listless, unfocused, the knowledge of having almost reached the blissful end but knowing its not yet time to throw your cap and slide into peaceful rest. Jane got through it though, I think quite successfully–perhaps because she was able to admit when she could not make her pen say what was in her head. Good luck to all the students out there who may be wandering away into some exclamation or other, know that you always wander back.