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With everything and everyone this time of year telling you what to wear, what to buy, what to cook, what to gift, and what the perfect holiday looks like, it seems like more people are trying to perhaps get back to what the holidays really mean and do things a little simpler this year. So, this Thanksgiving, instead of posting about what your Thanksgiving spread should taste like, what your centerpiece should look like, and what your outfit should be, I thought I would share How to Cook the Perfect Day. 

When I graduated from college, this girl:

Redhead curls

Gave me this book:

How to Cook the Perfect Day by Nikki McClureHow to Cook the Perfect Day, written and illustrated by Nikki McClure, publ. by Sasquatch Books, 2010

It’s not exactly meant for Thanksgiving, but it is the perfect combination of adorable, paper-cut illustrations done by the fantastically talented Nikki McClure, earthy recipes, and a little reminder that the experience of cooking and sharing with loved ones is more than half the fun of the day.

How to Cook the Perfect Day illustrations

How to Cook the Perfect Day illustrations

The little book is such fun. It’s almost child-like in its simplicity, something I think most people are actually searching for come each holiday season. So, if you’re looking for a simple day, here’s a few essential tips if you want to learn How to Cook the Perfect (Thanksgiving!) Day:

1.) If you’re baking some rolls,
 make sure to let them “cool if you
 can stand the wait.”

How to Cook the Perfect Day illustrations

 2.) If you’re making a hot beverage,
 some apple cider, or some Morrocan 
 Mint Tea perhaps, “sip for hours 
 enjoying at least three glassfuls.”

How to Cook the Perfect Day illustrations

3.) Dessert is a must, and if you’re 
  making the traditional pies, don’t
  forget to let them cool “on the porch
  but not on the sill of a second story window.” 

How to Cook the Perfect Day illustrations

4.) And my personal favorite could apply
 to almost anything you’re making,
 but most definitely applies to the
 “Midnight Morning Biscuit.”
 If you make them, then you must 
 “eat at least one biscuit immediately.”

How to Cook the Perfect Day illustrations

Tomorrow I’m promising to share tips for making some super-easy mini-pies. I’m pretty sure they could help you cook the perfect day and, honestly, they are the simplest, yet most delicious dessert. You will definitely have to eat one immediately.

– ❤ A.