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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you’re still feeling desperate for something to bake today, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post for some fast, two ingredient mini-pies! I still have lots of baking to do myself so I’m keeping it simple today:

Yesterday, I was staring out the window at this…

Gingko Trees


…and thinking how sad that the last burst of beauty all the deciduous trees show us just ends up being raked away. The color was what really transfixed me, but if you’ve ever seen a Gingko tree you will know that each leaf looks rather like a butterfly and I suddenly had the idea to string them together to make a garland.

The table I wanted to set the dessert (read: pies) on for today was looking a little un-festive; so I thought the strung leaves would be the perfect backdrop for some natural Thanksgiving decor as a little celebration of fall before the season is swept away to make room for Christmas.

DIY Natural Thanksgiving Garland

Thank goodness I had the afternoon alone for this project because I marched outside to the tree and found a little hole between the azaleas to sit in with my needle and thread. I’m sure I looked absolutely ridiculous.

DIY Thanksgiving garland

1.) I used an embroidery needle for this project and a little twine. The embroidery needle is thick enough to handle the twine and easily slide through the leaves, yet dull enough not to slide into my finger with every leaf.

2. Just string the leaves onto the twine until you have the lengths you want.

3. Initially I thought I wanted all the leaves to face the same way but I made some mistakes and got them all backwards and then decided it looked better a little topsy-turvy anyway.

4. I decided to hang my garlands like stripes. Its a little modern view on the traditional swag and I think it looks pretty snazzy.

natural holiday garland

gingko garland

homemade holiday garland

homemade garland

Hope everyone has a wonderful day giving thanks and perhaps getting a little crafty with some DIY garlands!

– ❤ A.