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Every year when the Christmas boxes come down from the attic, it’s always fun to see familiar things. It’s like a yearly time-capsule with memories attached to almost every item. I know this bearded-Claus goes here, this garland there, and these candlesticks always behind the couch. As essential as tradition is to the holidays though, it’s also fun to do a little something different. With a new, blue-shade coloring the walls of the entry-way this year, the usual gold and Christmas red just wasn’t cutting it.

So, with piles and piles of leftover pearl garland bought for $2.50 a spool in an after-Christmas-get-everything-out-of-our-store-to-make-room-for-Easter-sale one year, I decided to make a little winter wonderland forest of pearl trees:

DIY pearl trees

DIY Pearl Trees

I love these trees because they really are so simple, surprisingly quick to make, and yet look so glamorous!

DIY Christmas decorations

1.) A base for your tree: I used a super cheap, glass 

2.) Something to wrap around your styrofoam cone 
before attaching the pearl garland: I used seam binding
I found in my great-grandmother's old craft box.
Seam binding is very inexpensive but if you have some 
extra ribbon lying around that would work as well. 

3.) A styrofoam cone: I used two different sizes to make a more 
interesting tablescape when I was finished. 

4.) Pearl garland: the garland is very cheap when bought by the 
spool. And, if pearls really aren't your style, gold or silver
garland would look just as fantastic!


Using a glue-gun, start at the base of the cone and work up, gluing the binding down one strip at a time. If you don’t do this step, you can actually see the styrofoam through the tiny gaps the garland makes when you glue those on so even if it seems a little redundant, this extra priming really does make a difference in the finished product:

DIY Christmas decorations

Next, repeat the gluing process with the pearl garland, starting at the bottom of the cone and working up. When you glue on the strands, make sure you off-set the beads a bit so each new row fits into the gaps created by the bottom row, minimizing any gaps between rows:

DIY Christmas decoration

Finally, even a pearl-tree looks a little sad without a tree topper so I found a sparkly, silver star at Michael’s for just a dollar in their ornament section and pinned it on using some pearl-tipped straight pins:

DIY Christmas pearl-tree

DIY Christmas pearl-trees

I already had the pearl straight-pins. Of course, if you don’t have them or can’t find them at a sewing or craft store, any straight pin or even some wire looped around the bottom of the star and stuck into the styrofoam would work perfectly. Then, just stick the tree onto your base and you’re done!

DIY Christmas pearl-tree

DIY Christmas pearl tree

DIY Vintage Christmas

I think they turned out fabulous, and for about $7.00 per tree, they’re a cheap but chic, modern twist on the traditional green and red Christmas. Another plus is that even after the holidays are over, the sparkle and wintery feel of the pearl-trees could look great even extending through New Years and January.

– ❤ A.