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What does Perry Como and styling have to do with one another? Funny you should ask: in the midst of his Christmas album that I’ve been playing on repeat for the past few days, is Perry’s 1956 hit, “Love in a Home.” In the song, he talks about how tables, chairs, clocks, and lighting can tell you whether there’s love in a home just by opening the door. He should know a little bit about love too, he was married to his wife Roselle Como for 65 years.

Don’t just take it from Perry though, haven’t you ever been to a home where there’s a feeling of love and hospitality in every item that surrounds you? It’s subtle, probably often slides by unnoticed by less discerning people, but it’s a definite aura, a potent emotion that exudes from the things people choose to put into their homes. So, choose wisely, that little side-table no one sits by at parties may not be just because it’s in an out of the way corner, it may just be sending the wrong vibe. Here’s a few of my picks for things that I was feelin’ the love from:

“Love in a Home” 

You can tell,
When you open the door!
You can tell,
If there’s love in a home!
Every table and chair seems to smile,
Do come in, come and stay for a while.

joss and main
Joss and Main Omni Chair

wingback chairs

LIvenupdesign design your own wingback chairs

joss and main

Joss and Main Norcliffe Side Table

You almost feel you’ve been there once before,
By the shine and glow of the room!
And the clock seems to chime,
Come again anytime,

ikea pendant lamps

Ikea Ps maskros pendant lamp

Joss and Main pendants

Joss and Main Wiltshire pendant

pier one clocks

Pier one time and temperature clocks

You’ll be welcome wherever you roam!
You can tell when there’s love in a home

joss and main starburst mirror

joss and main starburst wall mirror

caldrea candles

Caldrea waterlilly candle

While I was reading a bit about Perry Como’s life, he had endless, adorable things to say about his beautiful wife. He often spoke of how she held the family together, how she was always there as support, encouragement, and inspiration to him as well as their three children, and despite how many of the world’s greatest talents he interacted with during the day, when he “went home to the world’s greatest woman. It was, and is, a great life.” I think Roselle, and Perry, would say that we should never underestimate the power of “Love in a Home”. What you put into it just might inspire a hit song, or, simply keep a family together for 65 years and counting.

– ❤ A. 

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