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I’ll admit, I’m not a New Year’s fan. I love the Christmas season so very much that I hate to see it go, and planning for New Year’s Eve makes me feel like my favorite time is going by even faster than usual. Despite that though, this year I’ve decided that New Year’s Eve will come whether I plan for it or not, so I best plan for it and make the only night for dressing in all things glitter, count.

ginger rogers

When I think of glamour girls, the first lady who pops into my mind is Ginger Rogers. Unfailingly beautiful, graceful, elegant, feminine, and my muse for doing New Year’s Eve glitter-fest the classy way:

ginger rogers new years style

I thought this dress by Shoperuche was a pretty fabulous modern version of some Ginger-chic, and you couldn’t get away with those shoes by Kate Spade except for on New Year’s Eve so, why not? Ginger, of course, usually did a full-length gown for all her twirlings with the dapper Fred Astaire, but my parties usually aren’t quite glam enough to go all-out Ginger. Besides, I’m not competing, I have too much dignity for THAT.

ginger rogers and fred astaire

If you still aren’t buying the glitter-fest, regardless of whether it’s New Year’s Eve or not, I thought this hair-piece from Rose and Lemons Etsy shop was super cute and definitely something Ginger would have worn:

Sparkly Leaves Hair Barrette. Holiday Hair Accessories, Gold Glitter Leaves, Hair Accessories, Christmas, New Year's, Fashion

The Poppy Hearts shop on Etsy also had some adorable, yet subtle hair adornments:

Beaded Leaves Headband

I think with a little Ginger-musing, my New Year’s blues will be swept away. How can glitter, Ginger, and perhaps a little champagne not get you excited for whatever the next year will hold?

– ❤ A. 

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