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In my Mango and Mint Ice Bellini post for New Years, I don’t think I quite emphasized enough my excitement over discovering Angel Adoree so I think she deserves her own post. It seems that Britain has been enjoying her absolutely adorable success without bothering to mention her across the waters to all of us here in the States. Growing up in East London in a family who taught her that entertaining was a way to show love, Angel has at last figured out how to combine her love for hosting parties, drinking tea, selling and collecting vintage items, and making people happy into one all-inclusive experience. In a nut-shell, she sells the vintage tea-party experience. Like I said in my previous post, I learned all about her from my find of her latest book sold in Anthropologie stores:

angel adoree

She’s actually written two books and offers her tea-party services via this adorable, interactive screen:

the vintage patisserieOf course, if you don’t live in England, it would be pretty difficult to experience her custom-made tea parties. But, for all of us not lucky enough to experience it first hand, she has so much eye-candy to peruse that it’s definitely worth checking out. And, you can even purchase chocolates, rose transfers to adorn cakes and cupcakes, and soundtracks complied by Angel herself of some 1930’s female artists to help your own vintage party get into the right groove. I was reading on her bio page that she recently went on a British version of the American show Shark Tank, called “Dragons Den,” (I’m not sure which show inspired which) where small business owners pitch their idea to successful investors in an attempt to grow their business. Of course, they (wisely) jumped at Angel’s idea, and she’s since been able to build her brilliant, tea-party business by leaps and bounds. Since Angel is all about sharing the tea party love, check out these free, downloadable thank-you notes and invitation cards she puts both in her books and here for all of us vintage fans to enjoy.

free vintage printables

I’m quite the fan already and I’m thinking Valentines Day might be the perfect up-coming time to throw a vintage tea party bash with a little help from Angel. Stay tuned, I already have my recipes and ideas picked out from The Vintage Tea Party Book and I can’t wait to share them. Nothing like party-planning to overcome a wimpery winter mood.

– ❤ A. 

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