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sweater girls

In the 1940’s and ’50’s, the first conical or “bullet bra” emerged, which was the first bra to boast what we would call an underwire, and what the 1950’s dubbed as a sex symbol. Women and celebrities like Lana Turner and Jane Russell began to sport these bras under tight-fitting sweaters, and thus the term “sweater girl” was born. The term and the look became so popular, there were even “Sweater Queen Contests,” where women lined up in their bullet bras, cardigans, and pencil skirts to be judged much like a modern pageant. Pretty crazy, yes? If you’re curious, take a look at this video: Sweater Queen Contest. I got quite the laugh. There aren’t Sweater Queen Contests anymore, although, I think those might be a bit more interesting than modern pageants, but flash forward to the September 2010 issue of Vogue, and it seems as if love for the Sweater Girl just keeps coming back.

September 2010 Vogue Sweater Girl issue

Bra technology has advanced a bit from the conical days (thank goodness!) but the Sweater Girl look has a casual elegance that is both sexy and timeless in 1950, 2010, and now, 2013. Take a look at my picks for donning some sweaters this season:

vintage sweater girl outfit

LACQUERED Bow Studs | Patent Bow waist Belt |Piece of my Heart Heel | Knit Cardigan | Honeycomb Sweater Skirt | Vintage Clutch | Mister Fox Graphic illustration

sweater dress

Kate Spade Careen Glasses | Skinny Mini Bow Bangle | Iris bow flats | Camel Sweater Dress | Trench COat

sweater suit

Wool Tweed Jackson Pencil Skirt |Femme Vega Short Cardigan | Layered Pearls | tahari Alexa Suede Pump | Vintage French leather handbag |Pair of Vintage Birds

So many ways to look so good by wearing possibly the most comfortable item in your closet. No wonder we’ve loved the Sweater Girl for sixty years and counting: she’s always chic, so adorable, quietly sexy, and the perfect vintage muse to make your modern closet work hard at keeping you looking good–while you don’t have to.

– ❤ A. 

sources: Vogue images via| clothing pics via polyvore, forever21, Etsy, Kate Spade, DSW, shopruche | Jane russell, Lana turner images via |VMMV original collages

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