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gettin fit for 2013The general opinion at Vintage Muse Modern Views is that all things vintage usually have a bit of an edge over modernity. Whether it’s personal style, home accessories, a vintage handbag, or a fifties chair, vintage things have just got a little something that makes our modern world feel a little flat in comparison. However, there is one area that modernity beats out days-gone-by every time, and that area is, exercising!

Especially for women, the evolution of women’s sports and exercise philosophy has been a rather slow and rocky one. Even as late as the 1980’s, many people were still stuck on the age-old theory that “working out” was a potentially dangerous thing for the female body. Popular magazines were even publishing articles suggesting rather hysterical “this or that” ideas like this piece entitled “Babies or Barbells: Make Your Own Choice.” Looking a bit further back, when women were first beginning to jump onto the group-sport-bandwagon back in the early 1900’s, some physical education teachers complained that “girls and women lacked the sense of fairness, good judgment and focus that men displayed. ‘When …girls first begin their work in sports…they play as though they had no heads on.'”  Goodness! I object! Thankfully though, women’s fitness theory, practices, clothes, and opportunities have advanced quite considerably. However, that doesn’t mean we still can’t have a little touch of vintage inspiration while we (very) happily enjoy a modern workout. So, while you’re working out, follow along what I’m planning on NOT doing, what I’m getting, what I’m running with, drinking from, and stretching in to get fit for this new year:
workout routine

DON’T DO: what Brave Mable does and give up | GET ONE: A routine like flapperdoodle’s 1920’s illustrated workout regimen. Check out this routine from “The Everygirl” for a great upper-body workout, or this one if you want to keep your workout at home but don’t have a lot of time or space.
ipod skin yoga socks water bottle

RUN WITH: This Ipod skin from Flapperdoodle’s shop on Society6. I think I could put in an extra mile with this little flapper staring back at me. DRINK FROM: A custom Jane Austen water bottle from Cafe Press: See Jane (and see me) run, and run, and…run. STRETCH IN: These super cozy yoga socks from Two Sparrows Boutique. I am so jealous of my old stretchy self, and I’m determined to get it back this year. I think these hand-knitted warmers are just the motivation I need.

See? Vintage can still be done, you can still get fit, and we can all be thankful that for some things, the modern world is a pretty great place to live in. Happy Friday everyone!

– ❤ A. 

Quote source: Gender, science, and fitness: Perspectives on women’s exercise in the united states in the twentieth century, by martha h. verbrugge, jstor.org

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