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men of austen

While prepping for my upcoming Valentine’s DIY’s, recipes, and tips-for-all-things-girly, for a month dedicated to being over-the-top-sweet-and-cuddly, I started thinking, “what about the other half that makes a Valentine, a Valentine? What about the men!??”

Since Jane Austen is one of the biggest muses for this blog, and since she has a daily say in its workings, I decided there isn’t a better place to find some inspiration  for the men in your life besides the men of Austen. So, next week is a week dedicated to a few of them. One muse for each day of the week, I’m planning everything from a DIY tray made of cigar boxes, a recipe for a “manly” cocktail, gift ideas, and some man-do’s-and-don’ts inspired by the best, and one of the worst, of Austen’s masculine portraits.

Perhaps you’re thinking, use heroes of Jane Austen as a muse for the modern male? What did she know about men? It’s true, Jane’s only male interaction of the romantic kind (that we know of)  was with a suitor (Harris Big-Wither) she first agreed, and then denied, to be married to, and then a second young man, Tom Lefroy, who, by nature of his financial circumstances was never really a serious consideration for Jane despite how the 2007 film “Becoming Jane” portrays her relationship with him. Regardless of her limited interaction with men outside of her own family though, Jane managed to produce in her novels men with shockingly similar characteristics to gentlemen we see even in our modern world: Male portraits complete with a few gems,  a lot more flops, some intellectually prideful ones, the simple, kind ones, and everything in between. If you aren’t completely familiar with all the men of Austen, check out PBS Masterpiece Theater’s run down of Jane’s guys here:

men of austenOr, if you really want to get into the mood for my upcoming blog series, check out the “Bachelors of Highbury quiz” here just for fun:

bachelor quiz

I got quite the laugh with my “match,” and maybe you should see which man you should be paying particular attention to next week when I do my own run-down. Happy Friday everyone!

 – ❤ A. 

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