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Mr Darcy inspired cocktail

I don’t know a thing that could kick me out of my Monday blues like a little Darcy-talk can, so, I’m starting the “Men of Austen Week” off with my favorite of the Austen guys: Fitzwilliam Darcy. Arguably one of the most-beloved male literary personalities of all time that only gained the adoration of more female hearts when Colin Firth stepped into the role for the 1995 film version of the novel, Mr. Darcy is unsurpassed for his feminine adoration. When I was brainstorming for this week, I was trying to figure out what post to attach to which Austen man. When I came across Angel Adoree’s “manly” cocktail in my Vintage Tea Party Book, called “Gunfire,” I knew I had to give it a try just in case Mr. Darcy ever came for drinks:

cocktail recipe

Dark rum, breakfast tea, and orange zest, Angel Adoree is a genius! Like I said in the directions, caster sugar is what the British call fine, baking sugar, so don’t go searching for something that says “caster sugar,” just pop in a little fine sugar and you’re good. When I served the drink, I decided I steeped the tea a tad too long because it had a slight bitter taste to it. Besides that though, I had this recipe man-tested and man-approved so you’re safe to serve this to the Darcy’s in your own life!

Jane Austen is said to be a “parlor-room” novelist because many of her crucial scenes where characters exchange conversations that alter the course of the novel are spoken in a parlor room. What is more appropriate then, for the King of the parlor rooms himself, Mr. Darcy? A little tea mixed with a little dark rum and you’re well on your way to entertaining even the manliest men at your tea-party.

rum and tea cocktail

mr darcy inspired cocktail

rum and tea cocktail

I think this drink does even the ultimate sophisticate, Darcy, enough credit. I think he would find it more than tolerable, and just handsome enough to tempt even he into a sip. Stick around for the rest of the Men of Austen week, I started out with my favorite Austen man, but there’s still lots to come that I’m excited to share. Happy new week!

– ❤ A. 

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