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diy masculine coffee table tray

George Knightley, the hero of Austen’s most humorous novel, Emma, is the perfect mixture of wisdom, maturity, kindness, and fun-loving cheerfulness. For anyone who said love cannot spring from friendship, look no further than Emma’s relationship with Mr. Knightley and you will see enough evidence to prove otherwise. Knightley is often considered to be Jane’s most obvious spokesperson in her novels, often making social commentary on, and acting as a sort of moral compass for, the small town of Highbury, a village that represents a microcosm of the flaws and failings that Jane saw in the British class system. I decided my DIY Cohiba Cigar tray was a perfect match for Mr. Knightley. He is far more approachable than Darcy, yet not as jolly as Bingley, and I could definitely see him finding some humor in using otherwise unusable, empty cigar boxes in an unexpected, sophisticated, yet fun, way.

DIY cohiba cigar tray

diy masculine coffee table tray

You will need:

  1. Clear resin or apoxy. The amount really depends on the size of your tray, read the bottle to see how much volume the bottles will fill. The tray I used was 16X9 and I needed two, 32 oz. bottles. 
  2. Tray: the style and type is totally up to you. I do recommend getting a tray without handles, otherwise you will have to stop the resin from rising up to the level of the handle-holes and pouring out of them. I didn’t realize this (duh) until I started pouring the resin and I had quite the mess on my hands! **pier one has a lot of online sales for some great trays** If you can’t find one without handles, stuff some styrofoam into the holes while you’re pouring the resin in.
  3. Cohiba, metal cigar boxes. The number of boxes will depend on how big your tray is. I needed six for mine.

diy cohiba coffee table tray

  1. Super-glue the cigar boxes to the bottom of the tray. If you don’t, once you pour the resin in, the boxes will start to float.
  2. Mix clear resin according to the directions and pour over the boxes. **when I poured the resin in, I didn’t anticipate the resin seeping into the empty boxes and I had to go get more resin in order to have enough to completely cover the boxes. Over-estimate a little bit how much resin you’ll need**

And that’s it! Let it dry over-night and you’ll have a tray fit for even the best men of Highbury.

diy coffee table tray

diy coffee table tray

It’s so easy, and it looks so masculine on a coffee table, a table centerpiece, or as a bedside, catch-all tray. Also, the resin makes a very cleanable surface that’s easy to keep clean no matter where, or how, you’re using it. Perhaps if Emma had thought of a Cohiba cigar tray, Mr. Knightley never would have uttered his famous, and painful line, “badly done, Emma!” But then, I guess we’ll never know about that. 

– ❤ A.

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