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diy hanging valentines bead hearts

Untitled-14diy hanging valentines bead hearts

Untitled-14diy hanging valentines bead heartsSimple, yes? I love this DIY. It’s ridiculously easy but such a cute addition to a wall, a window, or a chandelier for a Valentine tablescape. Use any size, color, or type of bead in any sort of combination you can think of to get some variety in your hearts–you could even string these guys together and make a garland. This red heart was actually my biggest heart because I wanted it to show up well in pictures, but I actually prefer the smaller hearts and they hold their shape a bit better as well once they’re hanging. Just play around with the size and shape of your hearts. The wire makes it so easy to shape and re-shape until you get them to sit how you want. I added some crystals when I hung them in the window just in case I could catch the rare February sunlight when  it at last decides to shine.

diy hanging valentines bead hearts

diy hanging valentines bead heartsDIY hanging valentines bead hearts

Happy February! This is just the beginning of lots of Valentines-lovin’ I have planned so stay tuned! I’m chock-full of optimism for this month, I’m convinced that I’m a slow-starter and can’t really expect much of myself until at the very earliest the second month of the year. I think I’m coming out of my winter-motivation-hibernation. I think…maybe…well, maybe not…we’ll just wait and see.

– ❤ A.

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