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vintage muse modern views: queen victoriaIt’s a rare day that VMMV has a weekend edition, but today is the 173rd wedding anniversary of Queen Victoria and Price Albert and I couldn’t let the day pass by without a bit of a nod to a pretty fantastic vintage muse. Queen Victoria was not only England’s longest reigning Queen, but also one of the Monarchy’s most devoted wives. Though widowed after twenty-one years of marriage, Victoria continued to have her husband’s clothes laid out each morning, and donned the black garb of mourning until her own death some forty years later. Depicted quite beautifully in the 2009 film Young Victoria, Queen Victoria’s adoration, respect, and reliance upon her husband Prince Albert is made quite clear throughout the film. Forced into what we would probably call a “career woman” by her royal birth, Queen Victoria did not let her power and success overshadow her marriage.   Emily Blunt was quite the perfect match for a Young Victoria. Both on and off-screen, she seems to be able to pick out the perfect bit of Victorian class without going over the top.

victorian styled updo

emily blunt image via glamamour.com

 The Victorian era, or Romantic era, was famous for its up-dos. Hot irons were used so often to tease hair into fancy styles, it’s a wonder all the women weren’t quite bald. Emily Blunt has a little bit of a healthier version of an up-do. This braided bun has just enough intricacy to classify as Victorian-worthy, without over-doing the ‘do.

victorian wedding dressQueen Victoria image via pictify | Emily Blunt image via style.list.com

Though Victoria spent much of her adult life in black following Albert’s death, she was actually often the woman credited for beginning the tradition of the “wedding white.” Up until Victoria tied the knot, women usually dressed in heavy satin, and often in colors. Royal women specifically, when heading to the altar, always wore silver or gold. Victoria however, interested in boosting her country’s commerce and trade, gave a nod to the textile industry and chose white lace for her wedding day. Kleinfeld, Vera, and Amsale can thank Victoria for giving them their career, for when Queen Victoria appeared in delicate lace, and donned in white from head to toe, appearing on your own wedding day wearing anything different from the Queen became quite the fashion “don’t.” Regardless of whether you’re heading to the altar, Victoria and her modern substitute (Emily Blunt) seemed to understand that a delicate white dress can make quite the statement–no color or satin needed.

emily blunt muse

Emily blunt image via fabsugar | standard.uk. |

 It seems we’ve always had a bit of a royal obsession. If you’ve got one for the Victorian era Monarchs, do it Emily Blunt’s way, I think Queen Victoria would approve of her mixture of sophistication, strength, yet feminine class. 

– ❤ A. 

Queen victoria bio source: dreamstress.com

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