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dancer diaries

After my Valentine rush, brainstorming for a new post-series seemed a little lackluster without all of my hearts. Without being quite so literal though, I decided February 15th didn’t have to spell the end of all things hearts, so my new series is all about some of the things I “heart” and one big one is dance. After seventeen years of being a dancer, there’s quite a few life lessons you can take from the stage that surprisingly translate quite well into the everyday. I’m planning on sharing a few of mine and hopefully you’ll be seeing some fellow dancers guest-posting as well in the coming weeks.

dancer diaries one

Once your hair is tucked safely in a bun, suddenly the world seems so much more manageable. Perhaps it’s from years of being under the sharp eye of my childhood ballet director, where allowing a loose hair-wisp to fall from your bun was equivalent to plotting first-degree murder, but, she was right: with your hair out of the way, suddenly you can concentrate, see more clearly, and know you can take on the choreography of your looming dance day.



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Messy or smooth, an up-do can instantly get me into the “watch out, my hair is up and I can do anything” mood. Its like switching from sneakers to heels, changing from yoga pants to a pencil skirt. An up-do means I mean business, I know what I’m doing, I am doing this, and things are under control. An up-do is instant head-organization. Once your hair-chaos is in order, suddenly your brain is too and it feels oh-so-good. When I was casted for a character that had to be danced with my hair down, I inwardly groaned because I knew it was yet another thing to stress about once I took my cue and took the stage. Waking up in the morning to start your day, don’t let your hair interfere: stick a pin in that monster, tame your tresses, and conquer your world.

(Don’t know how to use a bobby pin the “right” way? Check out this post for some tips)

– ❤ A. 

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