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upcycled bouquet

Give your beautiful, Valentines bouquet about a week and even the best roses are looking rather pathetic even if they were given with love. This year though, don’t throw it out, upcycle it! At least your vase and stem holders, the roses still have to go…sorry.

 I’m always looking for ways to organize my vanity table. Even after a “ok, I’m keeping this clean and organized” resolution, give me a few days and all my tubes, brushes, powders, and pencils are a heaping mess yet again. These stem holders are perfect though for keeping all my brushes (they even fit the fat, blush brushes) in line and keeping them up off my vanity surface. Plus, every time you get ready for the day you’ll remember your valentine and whatever flora he brought you back on the 14th. youwillneedhow tosteps


  1. Wrap the wire around each stem holder until you have four little circles in a square-like layout.
  2. Wrap the wire around the center of the four circles for stability and then bring the long end down in a little curl. This is going to be what sticks into your vase.
  3. Insert the stem holders through the wire circles.
  4. Insert the wire with the stem holders into the empty vase and you’re done!

diy makeup brush organizer

vanity organization

I think it’s pretty nifty and I’m almost certain this is going to cure my vanity-table mess…almost.

– ❤ A.

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