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tmmpostThe 1967 Musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie, directed by George Roy Hill and of course starring the lovely Julie Andrews, is a sort of (sadly) forgotten screenplay. The musical met mixed reviews, some loved it for it’s “Jazz-age hyperbole” plot and others hated it for it’s over-the-top silliness and bizarre numbers. The plot is set in the 1920’s where good-girl turned flapper, Millie Dillmount (Julie Andrews), has concocted the “thoroughly modern goal” of working as a stenographer and eventually marrying her wealthy boss…whoever he might be. As the musical sings along, Millie figures out her goal isn’t so modern or grand at all and the most successful way of finding love isn’t really modern at all–it’s actually quite old-fashioned.  If you haven’t seen it, give it a go, at the very least it’s got some pretty great lessons for today’s girl seeking her own thoroughly modern goals:

thoroughly modern millieWhen Millie doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere with her goal of making her boss (Trevor) fall in love and marry her, she resolves to begin acting like a man so he will supposedly begin to notice and respect her. In that she is successful, so much so that her boss begins to treat her like a man, nicknaming her “John” and jostling, joking, and speaking to her much like any of his other co-workers. 

thoroughly modern millie

Millie thinks acting like a man will make Trevor fall for her, but she soon gets thrust into the “friend-zone” while he instead falls for and eventually marries her undeniably sweet and feminine roommate “Ethel.” Poor Millie, that’s where acting like a man will get you…thoroughly modern millie

Intent on “marrying well,” getting ahead in her career and “landing” a wealthy man, Millie fails to see that “Jimmy,” an adorable, sweet, and kind fellow is head over heels for her and would make quite the amusing and dedicated husband. It takes her awhile to figure out how to get over her boss Trevor, but when she finally discovers he is rather a playboy fop compared to her dear Jimmy, she quite successfully “Forgets about the boy!”
thoroughly modern millieHilarious, ridiculous, wise, and sweet, Thoroughly Modern Millie is quite the adorable mix of tips still thoroughly applicable to the ladies of 2013…besides, who can pass up a musical with white slavery, a dance called the “tapioca,” Julie Andrews AND Mary Tyler Moore, the debut of the word “gomorrah-ble,” and an elevator tap dance? I know, you can’t resist watching it now…

 – ❤ A. 

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