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cucumber avocado salad

There comes a time every year when you begin to peel off the chunky sweaters  and you realize there are chunky things hiding under those sweaters that you can’t peel off quite so easily. I love Winter, Fall, and everything about the end-of-the-year months, but I can’t resist looking forward to the Spring, a sort of second New Years, and another chance to reset. bon appétit magazine did this Cucumber Avocado salad recipe last May, and I decided to give it a try in celebration of Daylight Savings Time, springing forward into longer days of sunlight, warmer afternoons, healthier eating, and the epitome of freshness on a plate.

I didn’t change much from the original recipe: I only exchanged chilies for red pepper flakes, and had a bit of a different technique for blending the flavors but it turned out fantastic. It’s earthy, is loaded with flavor that a usual green salad falls rather short on, and you can just feel the health as you munch away:


***the original recipe combined the cilantro, ginger, garlic, and chilies into a ziploc and “mashed” it with a rolling pin. I actually tried their technique and I concluded in exploding my ziploc and spraying cilantro and spices from wall to wall in my kitchen so my alternative: combine those ingredients in a bowl and mash it with a heavy spoon…no explosion, ripping, or spraying, just a nice, clean “mash”.***

I honestly was astonished by how much flavor came out of this pile of greens. When I was done, the entire house smelled like I’d been cooking for hours instead of mashing and combining fresh ingredients. This salad is lovely because you can also make it way before mealtime because the longer everything rests together the more the flavors blend! (it’s called “macerate” for all you cooking pros).

cucumber avocado salad

cucumber avocado saladcucumber avocado salad

Happy almost Spring! This absolutely tremendous cucumber-avocado salad is perfect to spring you forward into a fresh re-start, and it’s my small token to help overcome the depression of losing that precious sleep hour come Sunday *ouch*.

– ❤ A. 

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