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With St. Patty’s day on Sunday, this week is one of the very few weeks of the year that dying your food green is an assumed and celebrated event so I took full advantage of the week to whip out my green food coloring and go to town. I’m kind of sick of the usual cupcake-celebration for these random holidays. Pound cakes are a nice, not-to-sweet variation of the usual too-much-cake-and-icing-I-feel-ill-dessert. Topped with fruit, cool whip, and some fresh mint and St. Patrick gets remembered in the perfect, light and tasty way.


I cheated and used a boxed mix for the pound cake. But under blueberries, cool whip, and mint garnish, really truly, can you even tell? If you’re being honest…you can’t. If you want, go ahead and make the cake from scratch but I’m just trying to sayyyy that I will be done faster and my guests will never know the difference from yours! I infused the milk needed for the pound cake mix with a very slight mint flavor by boiling 1/2 cup mint leaves in the milk. It’s a super subtle taste so I would definitely add the fresh, whole leaves for garnish if you want a minty flavor. Other than that, follow the directions on the box as usual, add 4 drops of green food coloring to the batter before baking, cut out a shamrock shape from a slice of the finished pound cake, add the toppings, garnish and done!

shamrock pound cake

st patricks day dessert

st patricks day dessert ideas

The morning I made this, when I got set to photograph, a little rainbow**see it??** made from a prism in my window landed just as I was snapping away and I couldn’t resist from posting it. It really was just too, too ironic. Happy St Patty’s, happy weekend, and happy wearing and eating anything green!

– ❤ A. 

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