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lemon scones

Just in time for Easter, my three-month back-order for Anthropologie’s hedgehog measuring cups at long, long last arrived and I decided the only proper initiation would be to pull out my vintage tea party book and make the lemon scones I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks. So, with a little help from the world’s cutest measuring cups, and Angel Adoree, I threw together (it’s only three ingredients!) some scones worthy of Easter brunch: lemon scones tomake

Of course, the hedgies aren’t entirely necessary but I am very crestfallen to say that you probably won’t have as much fun leveling your flour as I did.


 The original recipe called for chilled lemonade instead of straight lemonade concentrate but I wanted the lemon flavor to be very apparent so I took the plunge and didn’t dilute it at all. It definitely is apparent but the perfect amount for lemon-lovers! Other than that I didn’t do much to change her recipe: vintage tea party lemon scone recipe

original recipe via The vintage tea party book | hedgehog art drawn by mika

sugarAngel added some food coloring to her sugar before sprinkling and I thought it was a great idea, especially if you had a few different flavors of scones laid out for brunch it would be an easy identifier of what yummy flavor was awaiting your guests.

easter brunch

easter brunchThis recipe turned out so well. The cream and lemonade give them a very light, creamy texture…a lot different from normal, sometimes too-dry scones. Happy scone devouring, you shan’t be disappointed.

– ❤ A. 

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