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DIY lampshade

 Remember the frames from a few weeks ago? I had the most random shapes left over from cutting out the squares from the fabric I used for that project, but it seemed a shame to just toss it. Add to that random pile SO MUCH leftover yarn from the yarn animal project and a sadly used-to-be-white lampshade and I had quite the recycle solution: A fabric scrap lampshade.

You Will Need:

  • fabric scraps (don’t forget to iron them!)
  • spray-adhesive
  • lamp-shade
  • yarn


Cut out the fabric pieces into squares and rectangles, iron them flat and spray with adhesive. Smooth the pieces over the lampshade until it’s completely covered. To make the edge where the fabric stops and the lampshade top and bottom edging begins a little more sleek, add three to four lengths of yarn, gluing the yarn as you wrap it around the shade. And that’s it! The scraps got used, the ugly shade got a new life, and a little more of my yarn found a purpose:

fabric scrap lampshade

diy lampshade

diy lampshadeI’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Plus, the scraps were SO easy to paste on. Have you ever tried covering a shade with one, big piece of fabric? The measuring and shaping to get the fabric not to pucker and bubble around the strangely shaped shade is too much for my mind to grasp. When haphazard DIY’s turn into a slick looking conclusion, I’m all over those.

– ❤ A. 

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