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To my great relief, ELLE magazine recently boasted that for spring 2013, “gone are the dizzying stiletto heights. Plan on slipping into heels on the south side of three inches.” Thank goodness! If you’ve been keeping track of the Swiss Alps-like heights of recent heel-fads, then you will be as relieved as I. “Kitten” heel heights have a sad tendency to tend a little grandma, but these beauties have nothing geriatric about them and I love, love them.

For such a diminutive item of clothing, heels certainly have spoken their piece since their inception during the 1700’s as (surprise, surprise) a man’s accessory. King Louis the 14th brought them into fashion by often donning the heeled shoe to give his rather smallish frame something of a more kingly stature. Later, women adopted the shoe type in a slimmer heel, but only people of aristocracy were seen with a heeled shoe. In the age of cobblestone streets, women of wealth didn’t have to walk much, or at all in the elements, and thus a heeled foot was something of a declaration that the foot it adorned was something special–able to don a shoe otherwise precarious for the lower classes to risk wandering about in cobbled streets. Since then, feminists have taken up their own battle-cry against the “impractical” shoe that they see not to improve a woman for the woman’s sake, but to be more attractive to men. Goodness! It is just a shoe.

Whatever your idea of the heel, they certainly do speak loudly of how you feel about yourself. In the 1950’s, the mark of a lady was always to have an otherwise unattractive body part (yuck, feet) shaped into a lovely heel. And now, donning a heel has something of a power symbol in it…at least I think it does. Perhaps its the added height, the feeling that you can wear something uniquely feminine, or the little clip-clop of each heeled step gives you a sense of having your own theme music, but whatever it is, when I see a woman in heels, she has a sense of power about her, of someplace she needs to be and the confidence and assurance of going to do it. However the heel speaks to you, I’m quite happy to have my heels speaking at a little less of a “dizzying height” this spring. Welcome back to earth, heel-wearers.

– ❤ A.

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