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I have been itching to try the billions of crepe paper flower tutorials circumnavigating Pinterest. Flowers are so wonderfully cheerful and these little crepe ones have the added benefit of being well, wonderfully un-dying. I finally decided to try this version of the DIY flowers just in time for May Day except, instead of crepe paper, I used old rolls of leftover streamers.

you will need:

  • streamers
  • tape
  • wire
  • glue
  • seed-beads

I followed the directions over at The Bride’s Cafe pretty much exactly except that I didn’t use the floral tape because you can’t really see that part of the flower anyway if you’re planning on making a whole bouquet. So I cheated and just used regular scotch tape. Other than that and my streamers though, it’s pretty much the same:


  1. Cut a strip of streamer about 18″ long and fold in halves until you have a small square. 
  2. Cut one side of the folded streamer into a semi-circle.
  3. Unfold the streamer and refold it not quite in half so your cuts will be offset. Then cut the opposite side of the square into another semi-circle.
  4. Unfold the streamer and fold in half lengthwise then attach to the wire, looping the wire around one end of the streamer.



You have to play around a bit when you get to steps 5 and 6. Trust me, I had quite the pile of angrily torn streamers and hideous “flowers” before I was satisfied with my final ones. You can make different sizes by cutting the streamer length shorter, or, tape two strips of streamer together to get a wider streamer length and a larger flower.

If you want a little something more for your crepe flowers, add some beads to the center to make it look a bit more realistic:


And that’s it! I arranged mine in some floral styrofoam to keep them standing upright and added a few fabric leaves cut out of green seam-binding and hot-glued to more wire (an unnecessary but fun step) to make it look more like a real bouquet and add additional color. DSC_0548-001

diy streamer bouquet

diy may day crepe flowersMay Day is sort of a forgotten celebration of spring/summer. But I’m all for bringing it back. How fun are anonymously left baskets of candy and flowers dropped on a friends porch? And if you doorbell ditch this whimsical bouquet, you’ll leave a never-dying memory of this May behind. Happy DIY Friday and happy weekend! You’ve got four whole days to crepe-flower away until May 1st!

– ❤ A. 

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