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vmmv 15000 views

vmmv 15000 viewsHappy Memorial Day weekend! VMMV officially hit 15,000 views on Saturday. I had predicted based upon viewing history that that historic moment would occur sometime in May so I sort of pre-partied and pre-photographed my 15,000 views party of one…and now I get to share…

I hear of so many people deleting their facebooks/other social media sites because they get so caught up in comparing their life highlights to other people’s that there is actually a burgeoning new social-media-depression-effect: As in, “my homepage isn’t as exciting as your homepage, I must be failinggg.” So, people delete or take a break from the digital world in order to stop comparing themselves. Sad? extremely, a little pathetic? absolutely, but, understandable? completely. I think the comparison cloud is an even more dangerous storm to stumble into as a blogger. You visit other sites, lust after certain photoshop layouts, other bloggers’ seemingly never-ending ideas, sidebars full of ads, and begin to panic.

Especially in the baby-blogger years, baby steps are ok though, and celebrating small milestones are essential to keep the motivation flowin’. My milestone? I set 15,000 views back in December as a new goal and here it is May and I’ve slowly inched towards it with all of you wonderful, faithful viewers who viewed away until 15,000 came and went. It’s dangerous as a blogger to keep such close tabs on viewership, and now that I’ve reached this milestone I probably won’t be such a hovering mother over my numbers, but, it sure felt good to see those triple zeros.

– ❤ A. 

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