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vmmv imagesThe early twenties are a strange age. It’s the time when titles are chosen, the “what are you going to be when you grow up” is begun to be answered and decisions are made about directions. Paths are chosen, some are blocked off by our own choosing or by life itself, some roads we never anticipated journeying down are stumbled across and then followed, perhaps simply to see where they go, perhaps because we begin to love the sights and potential of that road, or perhaps because all the other roads just don’t make sense at the time.

This girl and I are so strangely similar and also vastly disparate. Our little life footpaths that we have begun to choose and branch out upon are rather parallel and I suppose I could have predicted they would be by our 18+ history of friendship, yet our individual trials and tribulations are very much our own and that is why I think we always return to each other to share experiences from our own adventures, to marvel at the similarities, to shake our heads at the differences, and to laugh about the foolishness. She graduated this past weekend from her post-grad program and I am quite quite proud of her because I have known the things she has questioned, the turns she’s taken that she’s doubted, the decisions that once made are wondered about again and again, and the courage it takes to make a goal and go after it.

She is going to be a teacher, a teacher of English and a very good one I think because though perhaps anyone can teach a book once taught how to teach, anyone can create assignments, hand out a grade, and develop lesson plans, but beyond all of that she will teach subtle things: how to laugh at yourself, how to be passionate about things, how to describe the world in new ways, how to overcome bad hair days, how to stand in front of a room with a small voice and say big things, how to accomplish things we fear despite our fear, how to go alone to places we want to go, how to share our innermost emotions in a way to capture and charm you, and how to be always, unapologetically unique. Veteran teachers are impressive, wise, and valuable. But I think fresh, baby-teachers are one of the most courageous creatures on this earth because regardless of how many degrees you begin your path with, how many classes you’ve observed, or teachers you are mentored by, your path begins at one side of a bridge-less divide and its up to you to imagine, construct, and maintain that bridge to your students. Congratulations my kenz, I can’t wait to see where your path goes and what your bridge will look like.

– ❤ A. 

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