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one seam tie



one seam tieOk, so maybe ties are the #1 cliched Fathers Day gift and maybe your dad has 5000 hanging in his closet out of which 5 may be worn at random intervals throughout the year but there’s also five very good reasons why this tie is better than those other 5000:

  1. This will probably be the only skinny tie not made of wool he’s had since the 70’s
  2. You made it soooo…automatically you win
  3. Its ONE seam!!
  4. It can be turned into a wrapping 
  5. You have control over the fabric choice and tie width which =’s a much needed dad update

The dimensions I have are for a 1.5 inch skinny tie: the skinniest of skinny ties. If you want a wider cut, just double the cut of your original strip. Whatever size your original cut is, the actual tie will be half as wide after a seam allowance, and turning it right-sides out again. When you’re cutting the strip, start at the wide end and about halfway along the strip, begin to taper your cut down, ending at the narrowest side. Also, DON’T sew the end seams together until you’ve ironed the long seam into the proper place, otherwise it won’t lay right. I had a very wonky looking tie my first go-around when I sewed everything up before ironing!

– ❤ A. 

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