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blueberry mojito

blueberry mojito

blueberry mojito

blueberry mojitoMy mum had her first ever Anthropologie experience recently and we celebrated it by taking away two of these little opal beauties. They’re from a company in Ohio who uses vintage molds to make these fabulously thick, opaque-edged tumblers. Living in a miniscule slightly backwards town with Target as pretty much your sole, major retailer could be a nightmare for some people but hey, it’s got it’s perks, because no one from a big city (ok, normal city) could get the euphoria from a trip to Anthro like I can. Being easily enthralled is an under-appreciated trait.

You know those Pier One commercials that have a little shopper wandering the aisles until a product starts talking to him/her? Some of them are cute, some are creepy, and some are just dumb, but the point is that these glasses were screamin’ at me just like that: “blueberry mojito, blueberry mojito, BLUEBERRY MOJITO!” so, I obliged: get the recipe here and enjoy your weekend! (oh, and check out this post to add a little something to your party drink)

-<3 A. 

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