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lights from 79 ideas

quirky | rustic | modern | vintage | girly | smart
  • quirky: a bird-cage hung over a suspended bulb. So, so fun and brilliant.
  • rustic: bottles attached to wine barrel hoops (have you seen the ones made of wine-glasses too??).
  • modern: suspended multi-color pendants. Chic.
  • vintage: a chandelier hung from a vintage bird-cage holder and used as art    instead of light. Endless options.
  • girly: flowers and ribbons attached to the spindles of an old lampshade.
  • smart: a postcard or old photograph attached to the bottom of suspended lights so you aren’t blinded  by a direct bulb-to-cornea showdown. My eyeballs say “yes!”

Ok, so it is Monday but seriously brighten up! This just means there’s a whole lot of inspiration to come this week. Check out 79 ideas, a Bulgarian blog and one of my faves. The photography and design inspiration will blow you away regardless if you can read the text or not..

-<3 A.

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