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diy sparkler wreathdiy sparkler wreath

  • Cut different sized lengths of wire and attach to hoop by twisting one end to the hoop.
  • String with beads. (the larger the beads, the heavier it will make your wire so don’t use too big of beads otherwise your “sparkler” wires will get floppy instead of standing up straight. I mostly used seed beads, especially for the ones pointing up.)
  • Cut out a bunch of different sized feather-like shapes in three different shades of red. I needed three, 12×12 sheets of cardstock to make three layers of feathers for a 5 inch embroidery hoop.
  • Glue them on with hot glue one at a time.

diy sparkler wreath

  • Make three circles or layers of the red “feathers,” each circle using smaller pieces of paper.
  • Fill in the center of the sparkler with feathered circles.

diy sparkler wreath

  • For the sparkler tips, I cut out two, four-pointed star shapes and then overlapped them on an angle.
  • Glue the two together and then to the end of each bead strand to hide the wire.
  • Add one last wire to the back of the hoop for hanging and you’re done!

diy sparkler wreathdiy sparkler wreath

diy sparkler wreath

I debated for awhile about adding a stick to the bottom of the wreath to make it look more like a sparkler but decided against it because I didn’t want it to start looking too pin-wheel-y. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, my monthly wreath collection was lacking something worthy of July and I think this guy fits in just right.  Plus, it’s ridiculously cheap: a $2.00 hoop, a few pieces of $0.59 cent paper, wire, hot glue, and beads and that’s it! Of course if you’re in the humid south or if summer showers are a norm I’m not sure how stellar the cardstock would work out but for how cheap and quickly it goes together, even if it was a one-day wonder for the 4th it’d be worth it!

Most 4th of July wreaths looks pretty cheesy, there’s a strange 80’s vibe of overdone ribbon and dollar store tinsel among most of them–Google “fourth of July wreaths,” you’ll see what I mean–but this one I think is rather perfectly, vintage-ly modern.

– ❤ A. 

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