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shortbread jam stars


shortbread jam stars

shortbread jam starsHere’s one of two promised recipes I made for the Fourth. This one was adapted from Ina Garten’s shortbread recipe you can get here. And oh my, after you get over the shock of 3/4 pounds of butter, just suck it up and try it because this recipe seriously works. I only had to bake mine for about 11 to 12 minutes because I was going to make a jam sandwich out of them so I rolled them out pretty thin. Take them out when they are just barely tinged with light brown. Also, since I made them on a 108 degree day, I had to keep popping the dough into the freezer in order to get the star shapes to peel themselves away from the dough-ball and not turn into maimed-looking star-fish. So, if you’re baking on the surface of the sun too, there’s a little tip for you. The cookies came out so flaky, buttery (I hope after 3/4 lbs.!), and divine. I alternated blackberry and raspberry jam in between and left a few thicker ones sans-jam just in case there was a jam-hater among my party. By the end of the night, the humidity had at last even gotten to the jam-stars, crumbling at a harsh touch, but in support of their glory I have to tell you that the crumbs bothered no one: faces went down to plates and tongues just licked up the crumbly goodness.

– ❤ A. 

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