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sailinvmmv photographyvmmv photographyvmmv photographyI can’t really seem to accept this real life thing. My calendar says “Wednesday” but my head is in complete disagreement. Did you know there’s studies on this whole post-vacation-depression, moody blues? The University of Vienna’s Physiology Department calls it the “contrast effect:” “Vacationers cease to be used to stress and thus react more strongly when confronted (with it) again.” Ok, yeah, (well duh), but the University of Vermont did an interesting study of “tweets” and found that the tweets that “expressed happiness increase(d) logarithmically with distance from an individual’s average location.” So sad! So the further away we get from our normal life (average location) the happier we become! *sigh* and I guess you could say, then, that the closer we get back to our average location, the more blue we become. So true.

My long-weekend away was so fantastic though: Three different lake tours, a full boating day where I think I consumed an entire watermelon solo, a few quick dips into cold, cold lake-water, early evening forest walks, late night board games, silly 80’s movies, sno-cones, and time spent with the sweetest people who made four blissful days seem like they could go on forever: they didn’t. But regardless, I’ve got some memories to keep me going till the next trip away and I don’t care if “well-needed vacations” in the end “bum me out:” They’re still the best kind of bummer.

**This Friday I’m scheduled to do a first review of my new blog design so hopefully I will have some little sneak peaks for all of you imminently…thanks for being patient!**

 – ❤ A. 

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