What is This Place

Welcome to VintageMuse+ModernViews. I’m Alexandria. Its taken me only a year of working among women in my post-grad life to realize the expectations for modern women are off the charts….

Career+relationships+home+family+style…and that’s just the beginning. Roaming cubicleville, I began to see the same frantic look stamped across almost every woman’s face:  “You want me to do all that!? Who do you think I am, a woman??” If you’re like me, you see the “Devil Wears Prada” office life and have delusions of wearing pencil skirts and flawless hair everyday while perfectly balancing life. In reality though, the morning comes and you’re overwhelmed, under-dressed, and over it: messy bun, flats, that shirt’s good enough, hopefully I remembered my earrings…besides, women shouldn’t be expected to look “pretty” all the time right? Its 2013, we’re past that.

Yet, if you’re still reading this, chances are you’re a modern girl who has it all or is seeking to get it all, but you’ve lost a little of yourself along the way- maybe even your femininity!

VintageMuse+ModernViews shows today’s girl how to link classic feminine grace to the modern, casual, fast-paced lifestyle.

In a world post-Sex and the City, Friends’ Rachel Green, and numerous other new female ideals promoting the emancipation of the feminine heart and mind into a do-anything, achieve-everything, have-what-you-want-when-you-want-it, creation, it’s difficult to look at female ideals of days gone by like Gidget, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, and Doris Day and not think…beautiful? Yes. Graceful? Sure…but, what else? What about power, self-gratification, intelligence, achievement, and a life beyond what modern women consider their mom’s martyr-like world of demure housewife, sweater-sets, vacuuming in heels, and other archaic feminine portraits.

Read my blog and re-discover the strength in classic femininity.  I will show you how to to incorporate the charm, poise, and style of women in days gone by to your modern daily life of family….work… home, run, run, run!

If you like what you see, have a woman you adore, or just want to say hello, email me at aaelightsey@gmail.com, I’d love to hear from you!

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