The Linen Closet

vintage inspired aprons

Vintage Muse Modern Views isn’t just a blog, it’s also a space for loving things the modern world tends to forget about: Simple things, pure things, and things both beautiful and purposeful. And something that embodies all of those elements are aprons! I believe that you don’t always have to look lovely, but you should always feel lovely, even doing un-lovely things. Like, for example, cooking bacon-I don’t care what anyone says, that is NOT a lovely thing. So, I created these frilly little beauties, made to be worn at the waist and guaranteed to fill your kitchen with a little vintage grace, regardless of what’s on the menu.

The story of these aprons is a long one, but pictures can tell it all in a few thousand less words so I’ll let them do the talking:


half aprons

Half aprons come in two different sizes: the 20 inch width and the 23 inch width in case you need some extra safety against kitchen messes. Just specify which you’d like when you’re checking out. It’s true, aprons are a pretty common accessory, but here at Vintage Muses, every single apron is a little bit different. All handmade and all made custom to order,  these aprons are a little celebration of you, everytime you turn on the oven.

custom banner

custom aprons

Choose a custom option if you want something even more personalized, I am happy to accommodate whatever you’ve got cooked up in your mind’s eye.

New Additions

Since opening my Etsy shop, its been a continuous, creative learning curve. Somewhere along that curve, while cooking enchiladas actually, I came up with a new addition: An apron-top that is able to be snapped and unsnapped to a fully functional half-apron. The tops feature a darted, sweetheart neckline that gives a bit more of a feminine figure than traditional aprons, and the whole top can be removed and switched for a different pattern!

convertible apron

vintage apron

vintage aprons

I think they’re so much fun. My Etsy shop “Vintage Muses” is now featuring all of the patterns and options you see here, so head on over and order yours now. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, feel free to email me at with any questions, leave a comment on this page, or start a conversation with me on Etsy.

-<3 A.  

4 thoughts on “The Linen Closet”

  1. Rosie Miller said:

    Sweet Alexandria;
    While looking for employment for over a year, I became frustrated with the lack of “professional attire” both in retail and corporate environment. In my attempt to find a job, I began to question my dress code for the interview…should I dress down and not over dress for the position or should I just trust that my skills would be enough to land the job. To my sadness, I found that employers today have allowed the “dress code” to be irrelevant. Thank you for this blog. Thank you for making it an issue and thank you for bringing your generation to pay attention to what my generation called professional elegance.

    Rosie Miller

    • alightsey said:

      Thanks for dropping by Rosie! I’m so glad you like my new project, if you continue to like what I’m posting please spread the word! I would be very grateful.

      – ❤ A.

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